What does a safe motorcycle helmet look like?

Feb 20, 2021 | Car Accidents

Picking out the right motorcycle helmet to use while on the open road can make a serious difference in the event of a crash. 

In order to choose the best helmet possible, it is important to know exactly what factors make a helmet safe. 

Meeting official standards

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, novelty helmets are a concern for motorcyclists. Drivers wearing helmets that are too lightweight to be protective or ones without a stiff foam inner lining are at risk for serious brain injuries if they are in a crash. 

The Department of Transportation uses a certification label for all helmets sold in the United States that assures buyers that the helmet they purchase meets certain standards. If it does not have this sticker on the back, it will likely not protect your skull. 

Fitting your head correctly

Beyond purchasing a certified helmet, you should also check that you are buying one that fits the size of your head. Measuring your head with a cloth tape and noting whether you have a round or oval shaped head is one way to determine what helmet type fits best. Feeling uncomfortable pressure points on your forehead while trying on a helmet typically means the shape is too round. 

Staying together under pressure

Loose or ill-fitting chin straps and plastic buckles often break easily while on the road. Well-designed helmets will not have this problem, so it is important to pick one that does not have these issues. Unsafe helmets are a serious danger to any motorcyclist, so make sure to check for these problems whenever you buy a new one.