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In general, I am not one to leave reviews on experiences or purchases. But this time, I had to make it known to everyone how much I believe in this firm and their ability to handle any case thrown their way. Specifically with Karen. Karen is the absolute best!! I had an ongoing MVA case that lasted a few years and Karen was my saving grace through it all. From the moment I was rear ended to the end of the case she never faltered. It was emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting to get through the years of battling for justice, but we did it together and it was all worth it. I was in pain physically from injuries sustained but the mental toll to go along with it was just so much. Karen was my rock through it all on a professional and personal level. Seriously I couldn’t ask for a better attorney to represent me. She not only fought for me and went to bat for me, she genuinely cared about my well being in all ways. Checking in with me to see how I’m doing, spending the time to talk with me about the case and anything else i might have had questions or concerns about. I am truly so thankful for her and could never say thank you enough to show how much I appreciate her. Overall, Karen was very professional and takes real pride in her work, as she should. I even started to tell her she’s a real pit bull when it comes to representing me. I loved seeing that kind of passion! She is so knowledgeable, caring, witty, genuine, kind, compassionate and truly excels at what she does. Karen and her team won my case and they were very successful in doing so. Thank you all!!I can’t forget to mention her team of people that helped with my case too. Every single one of them was also very caring, kind, professional, genuine, and hard working too! I hope I never get in another car accident, but if I ever did, there is no doubt in my mind who I’m going back too. I’ve recommended Karen to all of my family and friends, and to any of you looking for a 5 star attorney… she is your gal!!

— TJ

Attorney Karen Scudder of the Greaney Scudder Law Firm is amazing, remarkable, outstanding, etc.…!!!I very rarely write a review. My experience with this law firm certainly warranted one. I am in no way affiliated with this law firm other than I am now their loyal client. I was in a bizarre car accident as a pedestrian. Multiple pedestrians were hit and sustained varying degrees of injuries. It was recommended to me that I seek legal representation due to the complexity of the incident. A friend reached out to me and recommended Karen Scudder. I contacted Karen and explained my situation. During my conversation with her I concluded she was the one. I was impressed with the breadth and depth of her knowledge. She was clearly experienced and well educated. I provided her with details of the accident, contacts, doctors information, etc. She took it from there. My involvement thereafter was minimal. I did not have to deal with bills, insurance companies, or any legalities for which I was surely not qualified. She and her staff took great care of me. She represented me with confidence, intelligence, thoroughness, and with care. She and her staff kept me up-to-date on their progress with the case as they diligently kept the ball rolling. She certainly won’t back down from a fight. I “highly recommend” Attorney Karen Scudder. I am very satisfied with her work. Hopefully, I will never be a victim of such an accident again, but if so, Karen Scudder is, without hesitation, my go-to attorney.

— Erich Fulfs

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the the love and attention that was shown to me. Constant follow up on my case. If you are looking for someone to represent you cause they care about you and not money you have the right people. GOD Bless you and I will tell everyone I know about you. Thanks for for be genuine loving people.

— Shannon Woodard

In early 2020, my 76 year old mother tripped and fell over a decrepit mat on a tile floor with obvious water damage, in a local food chain store. She passed away within hours at the hospital in front of myself and my father, due to severe brain hemorrhaging from the fall. We were devastated. We needed to find out how she died. The store wouldn’t cooperate. We contacted our family attorney, who promptly referred us to John Greaney, an attorney handling substantial personal injury and wrongful death cases. From the start, John exhibited tremendous empathy and skill, and was incredible in advising us throughout the process. During the pandemic , he sought information from the store, was denied and filed a lawsuit and commenced discovery. He went right to work representing my father and my mother’s estate in all phases of the case, preparing for trial. We were warned this national company was notorious for giving zero or small offers, and to prepare for trial. True to form, when we reached mediation, the company and its representatives claimed my mother’s death wasn’t their fault despite significant evidence to the contrary, and insultingly, that my mother didn’t have all that much time left in her life to live at the time of her fall. They made several paltry offers, and the mediation failed.

John Greaney kept working the case and his firm filed motions and presented to the court and defense an amazing set of illustrations which were in preparation for the trial. Seeing these, the defendant company, Kroger (a big conglomerate which owned the local food store chain), decided to settle for a confidential amount in seven figures.

My father and I can’t thank John Greaney and his team at the Greaney Scudder Law Firm enough for their dogged perseverance in the pursuit of justice for my mother’s wrongful death. We highly recommend John as a lawyer who will fight hard throughout the entire process for just compensation and justice.


– F.

John is the only attorney I recommend to family or friends involved in personal injury matters, no matter where it takes place across the State. John’s gruff exterior and legal aptitude make him the perfect defender of the injured. He is exactly the attorney I would NOT want interrogating me at Trial. I am thankful for his open, honest demeanor and incredibly knowledgeable and helpful staff.

— L.

Karen was amazing during the negotiation with American Family Insurance. She answered all of my questions, made recommendations and even gave me alternatives to using her legal services in the beginning. As we were closer to coming to the end of the process she did and amazing job of prepping me for my deposition, gave me candid feedback and kept me informed during the entire process. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needed legal council after a car accident.

— A.

Thank you John!!! After my husband and I paid a doctor, over $22,000 to fix his teeth, then only to find out the work was done incorrectly, was devastating to us, both financially physically and emotionally. We took this to several other attorneys, only to be told we didn’t have a chance. You took our case and made us whole again. When the other attorneys in your field were afraid to go to trail, (You Were Not) I am impressed that an attorney of your caliber and years of practise is still willing to roll up his sleeves and fight as hard as you did for us. (Just Can’t Thank You Enough)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— L.

Karen was very helpful with handling my car accident. Made it not so stressful, was very supportive, kept me abreast as case progressed to finish. Was very happy with settlement. Have given her name as referral to other friends and family.

— Anonymous

I found John after several other attorneys turned me down, claiming my case would be very hard to prove. This all began after I had paid a doctor, a cover $20,000 for cosmetic dentistry. The doctor’s work left me with ill fitting bridge work, causing me constant pain. John took my case only after the doctor refused to give me back all my money, and I cant thank him and Karen enough. They made me Financially, Mentally, and Physically whole again. Just knowing you have John on your side will make any attorney think twice before going against him in a court of law. (THANK YOU)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— M.

I tripped and fell over an object in the gravel portion of a city sidewalk, slamming my face into the cement. I required stitches to my eye and it also fractured my cheek and arm. I contacted Karen through a referral from my estate/will lawyer. Karen was extremely knowledgeable, ethical (but tough) She gave me realistic expectations, prompted me to document the scene in pictures repeatedly over the 2.5 years (very important) did a through investigation and backed it up with a consultation with an expert on sidewalks. She always responded to my calls and emails promptly. The city denied ownership and it grew to involve the corner lot property owners. Karen helped me understand and be confident in my deposition which lasted a grueling 3 hours. Though we were prepared to go to trial if necessary, Karen requested voluntary mediation. Karen did excellent negotiating in that mediation and after 3 hours resolved and settled the lawsuit. I came away feeling blessed. The settlement Karen reached was great. I was able to put this behind me with no bitterness and a better understanding of laws and lawyers. Karen is very diligent and tenacious. Karen is about 25 years younger than I am and thank goodness for that. She has the fire and determination that have worn out of me over the years but still burns strong with her. I strongly recommend her.

— S.

I called Mr. Greaney from California to speak with him about taking a case in Washington on behalf of some family friends and he spoke with me for quite some time on the phone. He was very knowledgeable and pointed me in the right direction. Even though he didn’t take the case, I could tell he was a very good attorney and a decent human being! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney in the state of Washington!

— K.

Thank you Karen for putting a smile back on my husbands face. After we gave over $22,000 to a doctor of Puyallup, to fix his teeth, it was very hard on him and I both to find out the doctors work was bad. It caused my husband a great deal of pain. Then to add insult to injury, the doctor denied there was anything wrong, and refused to refund our money, so my husband could get the work done right. You were a life saver. Your attention to our problem and your knowledge of the law were amazing. After talking with several other attorneys, you were the only one that stepped up to the plate, (And You Hit It Out Of The Park)!!!!!! Just can’t thank you enough.

— L.

I consider the Greaney Scudder Law Firm the DOG POUND. The attorneys and staff are focused, tough, competent, and ready to go to battle for their clients. I was really glad they were on MY side and not against me. You know from the day you meet John Greaney that he is a fighter. I couldn’t have done better when I chose an attorney.

— Anonymous

I found Karen at the Greaney Scudder Law Firm in Kent, only after several other attorneys turned me down, claiming my case was not worth enough and also would be very hard to prove. I was totally broke after having just spent over $20,000 on bad dental work. After talking with Karen and John I started to see a little ray of hope. Not only did I get one great attorney with Karen, but I also got her partner John Greaney. “Don’t mistake her kind politeness” When it was time to go to trial, lets just say (She will cut you off at the knees), Karen really knows her stuff!!! I cant thank Karen enough. She made me Financially, Mentally, and Physically whole again. Having Karen Scudder and John Greaney on your side is like being equipped with a nuclear missile. (THANK YOU)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— M.

I broke my leg badly in Jan ’07. My husband had to take unpaid time off from his job to care for me for 6 weeks. This was when we decided to call John. His professionalism and thoroughness (and of his team!) were next to none. We were well prepared to step into the legal battlefield of the courtroom. The opposing attorneys saw this, and made an excellent offer (via mediation) only weeks before our first court date. I’m sure glad he was on MY side!!!

— T.

Mr. Greaney represented me and my daughter in an automobile accident claim. The insurance company paid my bills and offered me $600 as a final offer. I called Greaney and within a few months that hundreds of dollars turned into thousands. John isn’t the only “bulldog” in his office, I believe the entire staff has the same talent/mentality. They fight and they fight hard

— Anonymous

Outstanding attorney. Very experienced and knowledgeable. Did an outstanding job outlining the process for me then executing on it. The results John achieved far exceeded my expectations. Could not recommend him more highly.

— B.

My case was handled professionally and more importantly, personally by Mr. Greaney.

— Anonymous

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