Understanding the prevalence of deadly truck accidents

Mar 3, 2021 | Truck Accidents

If you recently collided with a large truck while riding in a vehicle, you likely have to work through a number of hardships. Setting aside the consequences of an injury, such as pain and mental trauma, these accidents sometimes prove fatal. Sadly, when someone passes away in a truck crash, they often leave behind loved ones who struggle with a lifelong sense of loss in addition to financial hardships.

All road users need to understand the risks associated with large truck collisions and the prevalence of deadly accidents.

How common are deadly truck accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that 5,096 fatal accidents involved large trucks and buses during 2018. Furthermore, the FMCSA states that law enforcement officials received roughly 449,000 reports of large truck accidents in 2018, 4,415 of which resulted in the loss of life. Moreover, 107,000 of these accidents resulted in an injury.

How many fatal truck accidents occur in rural areas?

The FMCSA that a majority of deadly large truck accidents happen on interstate highways and in rural locations. In fact, roughly 57% of fatal large truck collisions in 2018 took place on rural roads and 26% took place on interstate highways. Although the likelihood of a deadly large truck crash is especially high in certain places, it is important for drivers to remain vigilant whenever they drive near large trucks (or any other type of vehicle). The sheer size of trucks, along with other risk factors (such as the amount of time it takes a trucker to come to a stop) make large trucks particularly dangerous.