Protect your motorcycle passenger’s safety

Feb 9, 2021 | Car Accidents

The state of Washington is beautiful, so it is not surprising that many people enjoy going for a pleasant ride. The pleasure exponentially increases when that ride is on the back of a motorcycle. And, of course, the only thing better than riding a motorcycle by yourself is going two-up with a passenger. 

However, protecting your passenger is absolutely imperative. In order to ensure the ride is safe for both you and your partner, insist that your partner wears as much safety equipment as you do and understands the basics of being a motorcycle passenger. 

How much protective gear should a passenger wear?

At absolute minimum, your passenger should be wearing a DOT-approved helmet, just like you do. It is better for the passenger to be wearing a leather or textile armored jacket, pants and boots. 

Many passengers get on the back of a motorcycle wearing nothing more than cut-off jeans and flip-flops. This is a potentially deadly mistake. 

What should a passenger know about riding on a motorcycle?

As you know, adjusting yourself on a motorcycle is far different than doing so in a traditional passenger vehicle. Your passenger should understand how to move their weight so as not to disrupt the motion of the motorcycle. 

Your passenger should also know where to put his or her hands to brace him or herself when you stop: many passengers will try to put their feet down when you do, which can unbalance the motorcycle. Your passenger should also keep their feet firmly on the pegs at all times. A well-informed passenger is key to a safe and fun ride.