How does winter weather impact trucks?

Jan 27, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Winter can throw some horrible things your way when it comes to travel, especially on roads. It makes every driver and vehicle more dangerous because of the unpredictability of how ice and snow form on roadways and impact driving. This is especially true for large trucks. 

Large trucks are already a risk to you on the roads simply due to their size and restrictions. However, Smart Trucking explains that a large truck driven by someone without good winter driving skills can become deadly. 

Required skills

A large truck driver must recognize the risks on slippery roadways. He or she needs to have excellent skills in maneuvering and controlling the vehicle. A driver must understand that stop time increases even more in such conditions. In addition, the driver must know how to adjust to reduced traction and visibility, along with being ready for drivers who are not good at navigating winter roads. 

Helpful tactics

If you drive a large truck or you drive alongside them, there are some things to pay attention to. Large trucks should drive slower in bad weather. If you notice a truck moving along with traffic or faster than traffic, you should be wary and keep your distance. 

Trucks should also try to keep space around them. If you see trucks traveling in a group or following too closely to other vehicles, stay away. Leaving a buffer around the truck enables the driver to have better reaction time and to have the ability to avoid accidents more easily. 

If the weather is especially bad, you probably should not see many other vehicles on the road, including trucks. You should probably pull off the roadway as well.