Traffic accidents involving wildlife

Jan 6, 2022 | Car Accidents

As a driver, you need to focus on many different risks behind the wheel. Sometimes, unexpected threats come up, such as encountering wildlife on the road. When a driver sees an animal, they do not always have time to avoid a crash. Moreover, some drivers find themselves in accidents because of the behavior of another driver as a result of a wildlife encounter.

It is important to understand the traffic accident risks that come with wildlife and strategies to avoid a crash. If you suffered injuries in such an accident, you should review all of the details of what took place, especially if another driver struck you.

Many traffic accidents take place due to wildlife

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, wildlife encounters play a role in many traffic accidents. In fact, the state receives an average of 1,500 reports of such accidents each year, many of which cause serious injuries. Deer and elk account for a majority of traffic accidents involving wildlife, but some accidents involve cougars, bears and sheep. Even smaller animals can cause an accident, such as raccoons and coyotes.

Preventing and addressing traffic accidents involving wildlife

On the road, you should always look out for signs warning you of wildlife. Exhibit caution, especially around sharp turns and in areas with more wildlife activity. Unfortunately, even if you pay attention and drive carefully, another driver could ignore these risks, such as someone who speeds.

Sometimes, drivers abruptly veer into another lane after an animal darts in front of their vehicle, which can cause an accident. If another driver’s carelessness played a role in such an accident, you need to take a look at your options.