What do you know about internal bleeding after a motorcycle accident?

Dec 27, 2021 | Car Accidents

After a motorcycle accident, you may have injuries you do not notice for days or weeks. Did the collision cause internal bleeding?

WebMD examines causes and signs of internal bleeding. Determine if you should ask your doctor to examine you for injuries underneath the skin.

Internal bleeding causes

If a foreign object penetrated your flesh during the accident, it may cause internal injuries. If something slammed into you, or if you hit something, you may experience blunt trauma. A blunt object or the force of the collision may burst blood vessels, triggering an injury.

Internal bleeding sources

Penetrating or blunt trauma may damage a blood vessel or bodily organ. Some of the most severe sources of internal damage include bleeding around the lungs, head trauma, bleeding around the heart, tears in vessels close to the body’s center and spleen and liver damage.

Internal bleeding symptoms

Those with internal bleeding often experience specific symptoms. Internal bleeding could present obvious injury signs, or victims may experience less severe trauma that manifests slowly. You may experience swelling or pain in your abdominal area if your spleen or liver suffered internal damage. Other symptoms include dizziness, feeling lightheaded, purpling of the skin, fainting, tightness or pain in the leg because of internal bleeding in the thigh and loss of consciousness.

Internal bleeding treatment

Those who experience internal bleeding may require imaging tests to identify injuries, blood transfusions to stabilize blood pressure or medical observations to remain stable. A person with internal injuries may also require surgery.

You cannot afford to take chances after a motorcycle accident. Even if you feel fine, a visit to your regular physician may uncover internal injuries.