What should you know about truck accident lawsuits?

Sep 8, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Car accidents of any sort can have a grievous and negative impact on many aspects of your life. Unfortunately, truck accidents often rate even higher on the scale of potential trauma and loss, due to the size, weight and cargo that trucks possess.

Making a claim can help you survive through the difficult and often expensive aftermath while you work your way through recovery, but it is important to understand the details of your lawsuit in order to ensure you gain full compensation.

Recovering damages after a truck accident

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health looks into truck accident lawsuits. First, know you may still have the chance to recover damages even if you hold partial responsibility. In Washington, the comparative fault standard of personal injury holds true. This means that even holding 49 percent of the responsibility for an incident allows you room to recover some damages.

Knowing the liability and cause

Next, understand who holds liability in a trucking accident. If the manufacturing company committed an act of negligence such as refusing to recall a potentially faulty part, for example, you may hold them liable. You may also file a lawsuit against the trucking company itself, which is often the most common method. However, you should keep the driver’s relationship with the company in mind – such as noting if they are a contractor or an employee.

Know that the cause of the crash impacts your case, too. Sometimes liability may depend on the cause, so you will need to understand what resulted in the crash, such as driver distraction or fatigue.

Finally, you may receive damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. You could potentially seek additional losses or earnings, and having the aid of legal help can guide you there.