What are some causes of truck tire blowouts?

Aug 26, 2021 | Truck Accidents

You have likely driven past a commercial truck on multiple occasions, so you know how big and heavy these vehicles can be. Their large size and weight makes it especially important for their tires to maintain their integrity. In the event of a tire blowout, a big truck could veer out of control and hit one or more nearby vehicles.

If you get into an accident with a big truck due to a tire failure, you will want to know what factored into the blowout. Here are some common reasons why tire blowouts out happen.

Hot temperatures

The NHTSA explains that too much heat can cause a tire to explode. Extended driving time can cause truck tires to heat up. Continued driving may also wear down the tire and make it more vulnerable to hot temperatures. Additionally, constant driving in summer temperatures can also heat up tires and make blowouts more likely to occur.

Not enough air pressure

Some tires explode because of a lack of air. A negligent driver or technician may fail to check and inflate truck tires during a maintenance check. Given the amount of weight a commercial truck often carries, a truck tire with inadequate air pressure could easily blow out. Also, some tires become defective and can no longer hold enough air. In this case, the truck owner or driver should replace them.

Excessive loads

A commercial truck has to abide by the state’s weight load standards. If a truck is too heavy, it could result in a blowout. In some cases, a truck may not have properly balanced or secured cargo. This imbalance could shift more weight onto one side and exert excessive pressure on a tire.

Constant braking

How a trucker brakes a truck can also cause tire failure. For instance, if a truck proceeds downhill, the truck driver may apply the brakes constantly. Putting on the brakes too much can wear down tire tread quickly and lead to a blowout. Shifting to a lower gear while driving down a slope like a mountain may prevent this from occurring.

There are other ways a truck tire could fail. Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a big truck accident, but if it should happen, you have legal options to hold a negligent party accountable.