Tips to stay safe while driving in the rain

Mar 8, 2021 | Car Accidents

People will often feel daunted about driving in the snow, but not everyone recognizes the potential hazards of driving in the rain. Nevertheless, heavy rains and slick roads can make for dangerous driving conditions. 

Whether you have just a few years of driving experience or several decades, you need to be cautious when you are driving in the rain. Here are some tips to stay safe on the road during a downpour. 

Turn on your lights

Drivers commonly forget to turn their lights on during dark and stormy weather. However, having your lights on when it is raining makes your car more visible and reduces the risk of a collision with an oncoming vehicle

Replace precarious wipers

If one or both of your wiper blades is not secure, it could come flying off as soon as you turn your wipers on. In a heavy downpour, being without a wiper could reduce your visibility to almost zero. If you observe that a wiper does not look right, make it a point to replace it as soon as possible. 

Give yourself extra time to brake

Always bear in mind that your car will stop a little slower when the roads are wet. When you approach a stop, start breaking a little earlier than you ordinarily would. Avoid slamming on your breaks because that could cause you to hydroplane

Washington’s wet weather does not need to keep you off the road altogether. However, you need to be extra attentive to drive safely in the rain.