911 got several calls just before fatal collision

May 20, 2020 | Wrongful Death

Washington roadways are dangerous. If a driver spots potential problem, he or she may be able to safely react to avoid a crash. It is not always possible, though, as unexpected changes in traffic flow or other issues may leave little or no time to avert an accident.

Dispatchers with 911 reportedly received two calls regarding a specific SUV that was on the road that day. The first call was from a witness who told dispatchers that the SUV was headed west in an eastbound lane. The second call apparently came in moments after the same SUV collided head-on with a cargo van.

Sadly, the drivers of both vehicles succumbed to their injuries in the collision. Officials diverted traffic to another route, and the lanes where the crash took place were closed for several hours. No details were provided as to what occurred that caused the SUV to wind up in the wrong lane. Many times, such situations are later found to have had something to do with distracted or intoxicated drivers, as well as some collisions that have occurred when drivers suffered medical emergencies behind the wheel.

When a fatal collision occurs in Washington or another state, it often leads to litigation. An immediate family member of a fatally injured victim can seek restitution in court. While no amount of compensation can amend the loss of a loved one’s life, court-awarded monies can help alleviate financial distress prompted by a particular incident. In cases where the person deemed responsible for a collision is deceased, a wrongful death claim may still be filed against his or her estate.