Three-car accident injures three, blocks highway for three hours

May 18, 2020 | Car Accidents

Some motor vehicle accidents can be self-explanatory as revealed by the post-accident distribution of battered vehicle and debris. Other accidents, especially those that occur beyond the vision of witnesses, can be difficult to sort out. A recent three-vehicle accident just east of Cashmere falls into this latter category.

According to an officer with the Washington State Patrol, the incident happened at about 4:15 p.m. A Dodge truck was traveling west on Highway 2 when it changed lanes. At least one witness saw the truck move left from Lane 1, Cross Lane 2 and enter oncoming traffic. As the truck entered the wrong-way lane, it struck two cars that were traveling in the opposite direction. The three vehicles blocked the eastbound lanes of Highway 2 for about three hours.

The driver of the Dodge pickup was taken to Central Washington Hospital before she was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. A couple from Bellevue were taken to Central Washington Hospital for medical attention. The condition of the three persons who suffered injuries is unknown. Police are continuing to investigate the accident. The police made no mention of driver impairment due to alcohol or drugs in their post-accident comments, but that issue may be raised in the post-accident investigation.

Based upon information released to date by the State Patrol, the driver of the Dodge pickup would appear to bear most of the fault for the accident. Her vehicle was in the wrong lane at the moment of collision, and she appeared to have behaved recklessly in crossing two lanes of traffic before the collision. Anyone who has suffered an injury or lost a loved one under similar circumstances may wish to pursue a claim for money damages. A capable personal injury lawyer can provide a useful evaluation of the evidence and an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages for medical expenses, past and future lost income and pain and suffering.