These car accident injuries are common

Nov 21, 2019 | Car Accidents

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a car accident, the chance of serious injury or death is very real.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself, such as by following the rules of the road and wearing your seat belt.

Even if you’re a cautious driver, another person could cause an accident that results in one or more of these injuries:

  • Back and neck injuries: For example, if your vehicle is hit from behind, whiplash is a common soft tissue injury to the neck. Furthermore, damage to the spinal cord is possible, with nerve damage having the potential to result in paralysis.
  • Head injuries: From a concussion to bleeding on the brain to a skull fracture, head injuries are common in car accidents. Some are more serious than others, but they all require immediate medical treatment.
  • Lacerations and abrasions: Your skin is at risk of lacerations and abrasions in an accident, especially if you come in contact with the ground outside of your vehicle. In this same category, burns are a major concern if your vehicle catches fire.
  • Broken bones: Every bone in your body is at risk of injury in a car accident, with multiple broken bones not out of the question.

Any type of car accident injury, regardless of the severity, should be treated by a medical professional. You may come to learn that what you thought was a minor injury is much more severe.

Once you receive treatment, contact your insurance company and learn more about your legal rights for obtaining compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and related damages.