Drowsy driving is common among commercial truckers

Nov 8, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Commercial truckers have a difficult job. Not only are they staffed with safely navigating a large vehicle on cramped roadways, but there are also times when they have to do so when they’re not feeling their best.

The more time a trucker spends behind the wheel, the more likely it is that they’ll become drowsy. If this happens, they put themselves and everyone else on the road at risk of an accident.

When driving in close proximity to commercial trucks, pay close attention to the manner in which they’re operated. Here are some common signs of drowsy driving:

  • Drifting into and out of their lane of travel
  • Bobbing head
  • Open windows when it’s cold outside
  • Aggressive driving, such as yelling at you and/or other drivers
  • Yawning and rubbing of the eyes

Just because you spot a trucker who appears drowsy doesn’t necessarily mean they are. However, since your safety is at risk, the best thing you can do is create space. You can either move up the road ahead or lay back. Either way, you don’t want to drive in close proximity to the trucker.

If a drowsy trucker causes an accident, take these five steps:

  • Move to the side of the road, if possible
  • Call 911
  • Examine yourself for injuries, and administer first aid
  • Accept transportation to a local hospital by the responding ambulance
  • Contact your insurance agent to file a claim

While it’s important to focus on your health and making a full recovery, you don’t want to put your legal rights on the back burner. Depending on the circumstances, you may be in a position to hold the trucker responsible for causing the crash.