Interesting information on motorcycle crashes

Sep 1, 2022 | Motorcycle And Bicycle Accidents

Statistics clearly show that universal helmet laws save the lives of motorcyclists and reduce serious injuries. Because Washington requires all riders to wear appropriate protective headgear, riders in the state enjoy an extra level of safety.

Still, accidents and deaths occur; a look at some important information can alert motorcyclists to potentially life-saving measures.

Motorcycle crash statistics

According to a compilation of information from the Carsurance website, most serious motorcycle accidents involve males of a fairly young age. Deaths from motorcycle accidents most often happened to males in the age group of 25 to 29.

These young riders sometimes gravitate to models that have a high degree of power, such as designs built for racing but modified for road use. Reaching speeds of up to 180 mph these so-called crotch rockets have alarmingly high death rates, as much as 4 times those of regular motorcycles.

Weather dangers also play a role in accidents, with wet weather a factor in about a third of motorcycle accidents. Intersections account for only about a third of fatal accidents and more accidents happen during daylight than at night.

Safety tips

Paying close attention to crash statistics can point the way to better road safety for motorcyclists. Avoiding inclement weather can reduce accidents caused by slipping and poor visibility. Excessive speed contributes to a greater chance of an accident as well as an increased risk of injury and death.

A motorcycle safety course also reduces accidents, especially for novice riders. Staying away from alcohol when operating a motorcycle also increases safety. Learning the causes of accidents helps motorcyclists avoid some common dangers and enjoy the pleasures of this way of travel.