What dangers do aggressive drivers create?

May 6, 2022 | Car Accidents

The term “aggressive driving” is an umbrella that encompasses multiple types of dangerous driving behaviors. This can include tailgating, rapid lane changing, speeding and more.

But what dangers do aggressive drivers create? Are they enough of a threat to call the police on?

Losing control of the car

The National Conference of State Legislatures discusses aggressive driving and speed. Specifically, they discuss the ties between speeding aggressive drivers and the increase in crashes due to a loss of fine control over a vehicle at high velocity.

In short, when a driver speeds to reckless extremes, they do not have good control over their car. This means they cannot stop or turn easily, nor can they avoid debris in the road. This can lead to uncontrolled swerving, tire blowouts, rear-end crashes and even traveling over the median and into oncoming traffic.

The possibility of rear-ending

Some aggressive driving behaviors pose an even more overt risk, such as tailgating. When someone sticks close to the back of the vehicle in front of them out of anger, they are at fault if the car comes to a sudden stop and they hit it. Unfortunately, rear-end crashes especially at high speed can cause grievous damage to anyone in the back seat, and bodily harm even to front-seat passengers, such as concussions.

Aggressive driving always has an element of recklessness that implies or outright shows that the driver does not care to stop and think about other drivers in the area. This lack of regard for safety is part of what makes this grouping of behaviors so threatening to anyone else on the road.