What causes a fiery crash and how you avoid one?

Mar 15, 2022 | Car Accidents

A recent motorcycle crash on I-5 turned fiery, leading to the rider’s death. Law enforcement attempted to halt the reckless motorcyclist but left off pursuit when the chase became excessively dangerous.

What can motorists do to avoid a vehicle catching fire in an accident?

Fiery crashes still possible despite modern safety features

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported 212,500 vehicle fires in 2018 that caused 560 civilian deaths and 1,500 civilian injuries. Nearly $2 billion of property damage resulted from such incidents. Vehicle fires caused more deaths than even apartment fires.

Tips to keep safe

The full extent of the damage from a crash may not be immediately evident. A high-speed accident can cause leaks and fluid spills. Vehicle smoke and heat can ignite the chemicals into a raging flame. After a severe crash, crash victims should distance themselves from the vehicle as soon as possible and get help.

Leaky systems, electrical issues and poor maintenance can be the source of an automobile fire, even without a crash involved. Vehicle owners should always follow recommended manufacturer maintenance schedules and promptly attend to warning lights and signs of compromised vehicle condition.

Of course, general road safety must be a concern for everyone sharing the road. Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians should not travel on the streets while distracted and obey applicable traffic laws. If someone suffers an accident, they can prepare to take legal action to receive due compensation for damages.

An automobile accident is scary enough. If a crash enflames, the damage is more life-threatening and catastrophic. Drivers and passengers should practice road safety to minimize a fiery impact at all costs.