Protecting yourself against common motorcycle hazards

Feb 16, 2022 | Car Accidents

With the Spring season fast approaching, you may start to take your motorcycle out more frequently. Given how much more vulnerable you are on a bike than in a car, frequent reminders about best practices for safety can benefit you.

Knowing how to protect yourself against some of the more common road hazards can help you to stay safer and drive more confidently.

Practice vigilance

Considering your exposure when you ride a motorcycle, even a minor crash can have long-term repercussions. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a staggering 5,014 people suffered fatal injuries in motorcycle crashes in the year 2019. Staying vigilant and constantly scanning the road in front of and around you can help you recognize potential dangers.

Following the winter season, you may notice areas where wintry weather has created road damage. Potholes and cracks, for example, can create major hazards for you especially if you do not pay attention. Watch for signs of concerning wear and tear on the asphalt so you can spot them and avoid them without losing control.

Dress appropriately

Wearing proper clothing while you ride cannot only increase your safety but can also improve your comfort. A good pair of gloves, abrasive-resistant clothing and sturdy boots can all protect your body from injury while you ride. You should invest in a helmet and follow best practices for finding one that properly fits your head and riding style. There are a host of online resources that provide helpful information about how to properly adjust your helmet to your head.

Wearing the right clothing and paying attention while you drive may reduce your risk of injury. At the very least, your efforts may prevent serious injuries if you do find yourself in a precarious situation.