3 tips for staying safe on the road after dark

Jan 26, 2022 | Car Accidents

The danger associated with driving is naturally higher at night than during the day due to limited visibility, exhaustion and the potential aftereffects of late-night partying. Statistics indicate that teens are more likely to become involved in motor vehicle accidents at night.

Even for those not impaired in some manner, there exists the risk that other drivers are or are not fully alert. Critters like deer also tend to come out more frequently at night and are hard to spot in the dark. It is important to practice caution when on the road after dark.

1. Avoid gazing into approaching headlights

One of the basics individuals learn when driving is to look straight ahead and focus on the road. However, staring straight into headlights at night may blind drivers, causing them to swerve. Glancing down and to the right instead may help prevent this.

2. Maintain clean windows

While those streaks and that dust might not constitute more than a minor annoyance when the sun is out (though it is actually a danger then too), it is a different story at night. In the dark, a dirty windshield is a hazard that decreases already reduced visibility.

3. Offer headlight courtesy

The “bright” setting of headlights exists for situations like navigating in the dark, so it is natural to use it at night. However, when approaching other vehicles, it is polite to dim the headlights. This action also aids in preventing accidents since lights on “bright” may blind other drivers, causing them to make fatal mistakes.

While the safest option is to not drive at night, this is not feasible in many situations. By being mindful of the road and other drivers, individuals may lower the risk of a crash.