North Bend truck accident closes multiple miles of I-90

Nov 1, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Motorists traveling on Washington’s roads and highways may justifiably feel intimidated by the large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers they encounter. While these massive vehicles are typically operated by skilled, well-trained professional drivers, one cannot ignore the destructive potential they possess.

People likely understand the challenges that come with driving a semi-truck, and thus may feel empathy towards a driver that causes a truck accident. Yet the damage that often accompanies such accidents may leave those affected by them with little but to seek compensation through legal action.

Semi-truck causes multi-car collision near North Bend

One could see the exact amount of damage a truck accident may cause in a recent accident that occurred near North Bend. According to the local Fox News affiliate, a semi-truck traveling westbound along I-90 struck the concrete barriers separating the lanes of oncoming traffic. What caused the driver to collide with the barriers is not yet known. The force of the impact pushed a section of the barriers into the oncoming eastbound, leading to several other vehicles colliding with them. Ultimately, the damage from all of the resulting collisions was so extensive that it prompted officials to close a 36-mile section of the freeway. Fortunately, those involved only experienced minor injuries.

Compensation for property damage

Many might think that legal action in the wake of a truck accident is only warranted in situations where serious injuries result. Yet this assumption forgets the fact that truck accidents may result in serious property damage, as well. The costs for repairing such damage are often high (sometimes even more than insurance providers offer). When such costs remain after insurance coverage, accident victims may seek to hold the truck drivers that caused their accidents (and their employers) liable for them.