Can exercise impact your alertness while driving?

Jun 16, 2021 | Truck Accidents

When your job as a long haul driver puts you behind the wheel, sitting down and with relatively little movement for long stretches of time, you may feel tired faster. Fatigue can impact your awareness and impair your ability to respond to hazards you may encounter on the road.  

Exercise is an excellent way to maintain energy and encourage your body to remain alert. Just because your job is not as active as other careers, you can still maintain a healthy and responsive body.  

Increase energy

Road debris, mechanical failure, distracted drivers, inclement weather and fatigue are all risks that could put you in danger of crashing. Having adequate energy may mitigate each of these risks, allowing you the wherewithal and control to respond to hazards appropriately. According to, exercise increases the blood flow to your brain which enhances your awareness.  

Even if a long-distance job does not allow you enough time to get in a full workout each day, you can develop creative ways to stay active. For example, when you stop to refuel, have a list of brief exercises you can do while you wait.  

Improve mental health

Improvements in your mental health can also happen as the result of regular physical activity. Staying active may reduce depression, stress and anxiety. You may notice that you can concentrate better and your focus sharpens. Each of these benefits can make a considerable difference in your ability to operate your truck with confidence and complete long drives both efficiently and safely.  

Making a healthy lifestyle your priority can help you be the best at your job. Acknowledging that long hours in the driver’s seat do not have to dictate the state of your physical health is a great first step. With an active body and a sharp mind, you may improve your awareness of your surroundings and reduce your risks of getting in a truck accident.