How can road rage impact truck drivers?

Mar 24, 2021 | Truck Accidents

During your typical commute, you may notice an angry driver of an eighteen-wheeler dangerously swerving and potentially crowding the lane you are in.

This kind of driving is often known as road rage. Accidents and crashes can occur when these drivers incite problems, especially with other people who have smaller vehicles.

Disregard for road signs

According to Psychology Today, one of the most common problems associated with road rage is a disregard for stop signs or red lights. When the driver in question is in control of a truck, this can quickly become a serious issue, since many trucks have a smaller steering radius and can crash more easily.

Road rage causes drivers to relentlessly pursue other vehicles. When truck drivers do not use turn signals or quickly merging lanes without double-checking the space around them, they greatly endanger other people on the road.

Escalating and risky behaviors

In some extreme cases, drivers may even get out of their car in order to physically intimidate whoever they were following. Getting into a fight or screaming match outside your car is likely to happen the longer this goes on. Sometimes, the other vehicle may even purposefully ram into you while on the road.

Increased signs of aggression

Yelling out windows and flipping off passengers or drivers in other vehicles are also common signs of road rage. Crowded highways or busy roads can also cause tempers to increase, which can lead to even more aggression.

While it may be hard to completely avoid such people, increased distance between your car and the truck may help prevent any escalation. Some angry motorists tailgate smaller cars in order to intimidate them. This form of road rage can lead to serious and life-threatening accidents and crashes.