May I get a realistic crash settlement from my insurance company?

Nov 2, 2020 | Car Accidents

Insurance carriers may use sophisticated technology to determine the cost of damages after an accident. If you have the ability to call your insurer immediately after a collision, a representative may ask you to take photographs with your mobile device.

Uploading images of the accident damage may provide a quick estimate of how much repairs may cost. By replacing an in-person appraisal with a virtual one, companies also no longer need to have an evaluator travel to the scene.

Are there drawbacks to uploading damage images?

Artificial intelligence may review patterns in the images to assess the damages and provide a cost estimate. As noted by the Seattle Times, however, an auto body shop may come up with a much higher cost when you take your car in for repairs.

AI has the capability to provide cost estimates quickly, and an insurance representative may attempt to persuade you into accepting what may reflect a lesser computer-generated settlement. A more realistic settlement may, however, require a professional to conduct a thorough in-person investigation. In some cases, another driver’s recklessness may have contributed to the accident.

When do I consider filing a legal action?

Without a thorough accounting of the complete series of events that led up to a car crash, you may not receive the full compensation that you deserve. If you sustained an injury, for example, you may need to seek medical attention, even if it appears to be minor at first.

A legal action filed against another motorist who contributed to the crash may enable you to receive compensation for your pain and suffering, full medical expenses and lost wages. An insurance carrier, however, may prefer that you settle your claim for a lesser amount as soon as possible.