2 teenagers injured in Washington collision

May 6, 2020 | Car Accidents

Investigators are not always able to determine the exact cause of a collision right away. It might take days or weeks of research, which sometimes includes reenacting a particular incident to try to formulate a conclusion. On a recent Friday, after midnight, a one-vehicle crash took place in Northern Washington, and the exact cause was unclear.

The vehicle was traveling eastbound on a local road. Two 19-year-olds were the only occupants in the vehicle at the time. At some point, the driver veered out of her lane and struck a nearby utility pole. The vehicle did not come to a halt upon impact, however. It continued moving until it crashed again into a parked tractor.

The driver of the vehicle was listed in critical condition when she was transported to a nearby hospital. Her passenger suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital, then later transferred to a different medical facility after his condition had stabilized. Police say it was a good thing both vehicle occupants were wearing proper seat restraint when the collision occurred.

The family of the young man involved in the collision expressed gratitude to their community for the support they were offered in their time of need. They were hopeful that, with continued progress, their son would soon be released from the hospital. It is not uncommon for Washington collisions like this one to lead to civil litigation, especially if a passenger in a vehicle has suffered serious injuries caused by driver negligence. Many recovering accident victims have used court-awarded compensation to help pay medical bills and cover other expenses related to their injuries.