Tragedy on a Washington roadway

Apr 29, 2020 | Car Accidents

Washington highways are often dangerous. Whether riding as a passenger in someone’s car or traveling as a pedestrian, unexpected issues may arise at any time that place vehicle occupants or those on foot at risk for personal injury. In many situations, a person’s injuries are later determined to have been caused by driver negligence.

Medics and police in Seattle recently received calls to dispatch units to a stretch of road on Airport Way South. It was approximately 8:30 p.m. when responders arrived at the scene. There was a vehicle in the roadway that had been flipped over onto its roof. There were no other vehicles involved in the collision.

Sadly, one of the occupants of the rolled-over car was pronounced dead at the scene. Another person in the vehicle, however, survived the initial impact of the rollover. Rescuers had to use special tools to extricate the victim, who was trapped in the car.

When a Washington collision occurs, it is not always immediately apparent what or who exactly caused the crash. It sometimes takes investigators days or weeks to study evidence and form conclusions. In cases where driver negligence is a causal factor in a crash, a passenger who has suffered personal injury may choose to seek financial recovery for his or her losses in a civil court. If a loved one has died because of another person’s negligence, an immediate family member can file a wrongful death claim. Also, if the person deemed responsible for a collision was fatally injured, a claim can be filed against his or her estate.