If you’ve lost a loved one, a wrongful death lawsuit could help

Apr 9, 2020 | Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is devastating no matter when it happens. It might have been your spouse who was hit by a truck on the way home, or it may have been your college-aged child who was involved in a DUI collision with another student. The loss you feel cannot be erased, but taking the right steps now can help make your life easier in the future.

After a wrongful death, it’s important that you have the opportunity to seek a claim against the person who caused the incident that killed your loved one. You can seek a wrongful death claim against them, which asks for fair compensation.

You can seek pecuniary losses and damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. You can ask that the other party covers medical expenses and funeral costs. You can also ask that they cover lost wages and the impact of the loss of a spouse or parent.

Did you know that a jury decides on the size of the award if you don’t settle outside court? Many people do choose to settle, since it gives them an opportunity to decide on a fair amount of compensation without the risk of a smaller award in court. However, a jury in a court could rule in your favor for a much higher award, depending on the circumstances of the case. Your attorney will talk with you about the likelihood of winning your case and what similar cases to yours have been worth in the past. Our website has more on what you can do if you’ve been a victim in a wrongful death case.