Just how dangerous are air bags?

Mar 13, 2020 | Car Accidents

Safety is on the mind of any person who ever gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. They might purchase a car because of a high safety rating or because of an incredible number of air bags. Safety is important, but even safety tools inside a vehicle have their own risks.

Air bags in particular can cause problems for people involved in accidents. In some cases, they can even cause crashes by deploying unexpectedly.

In most cases, air bags do what they’re designed to do: they deploy when you hit another object or vehicle. Air bags deploy quickly, inflating in as few as 20 milliseconds. They exert an amazing amount of force, so it is possible to be hurt by one. The goal is, of course, to suffer fewer injuries as a result of the air bag deploying than you would have without one.

People have been known to suffer serious injuries, such as burns, broken noses and others, when their air bags deployed. In some cases, this was because of how close they were sitting to the airbag. In others, not wearing a seat belt or having something between their bodies and the air bags led to injury.

Air bags aren’t some soft pillows that suddenly appear when an accident occurs. They explode out of their housing at an amazing 200 mph. Though they start to deflate almost instantly, the force can still lead to significant injuries.

If you’re involved in a crash where your air bags deploy, the likelihood is that you’ll have a few bumps and bruises from your air bag. These injuries are just some that you might end up with and that you can hold the other party liable for if they caused the accident.