Can a trucker’s stressful lifestyle be dangerous to others?

Sep 30, 2019 | Truck Accidents

The trucking life is often romanticized in songs and movies. There can be no doubt that the trucking industry is vital for residents of Washington and across the country, and it is an idyllic life for many free-spirited truck drivers. However, you should also understand that trucking can be a stressful and often unhealthy lifestyle, which may contribute to motor vehicle accidents in ways you might not have expected.

According to Smart Trucking, driving a big rig can be a rewarding and satisfying job, but it is also a fast-paced, high-pressure industry. You may know that truckers are often sleep-deprived as they attempt to make it to their next destination on time. Even if they get enough rest, a truck driver’s health may be compromised in the following ways:

  • Sitting for long periods without being able to stretch their legs or exercise
  • Eating fast food or convenience store meals, instead of healthy foods
  • Being isolated from family and friends for lengthy stretches
  • Being stressed out and anxious about following sleep regulations and delivering their loads on time

These factors may seem unpleasant, but how do they affect me, you may wonder? When someone lives an unhealthy or stressful lifestyle, it can start to take a physical toll. An overweight driver could suffer a heart attack or stroke behind the wheel. A depressed or anxious trucker may become distracted or resort to drinking and driving. Any of these situations can result in a serious accident.

Negligent truckers or trucking companies may be held liable for the compensation of damages. This information, however, should not replace the advice of a lawyer.