How to drive safely around tractor trailers

Aug 7, 2019 | Truck Accidents

If you navigate Washington roadways on a regular basis, you may be used to sharing the street with tractor trailers. These massive vehicles may seem like commonplace on the freeways and city streets. Yet, they can be extremely dangerous, especially in certain conditions, such as bad weather, stop-and-go traffic and driving at high speeds. It is important to understand how to drive around tractor trailers so that you can minimize your chances of being involved in a catastrophic truck accident.

First you must realize that due to their length, height and weight, large trucks take a longer distance to stop when compared to a normal-sized vehicle. Therefore, it is extremely hard for them to come to an abrupt stop if a vehicle should pull out in front of them and put on the brakes. Be sure to never cut in front of a large truck and give them plenty of space to slow down if approaching slowing traffic.

Keep in mind that tractor trailers have large blind spots and that truckers cannot see vehicles in these areas. Avoid driving alongside a large truck on the right-hand side or directly behind the truck, as these are the biggest blind spots. Instead, pass the truck on the left-hand side to avoid traveling in a blind spot.

Large trucks must make wide turns and you should give them plenty of room to do so. Never pull up on the right-hand side of a truck that is making a right-hand turn without giving them the proper room to complete the turn.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.