Man dies after oxygen equipment malfunctions

May 4, 2019 | Wrongful Death

While the death of a loved one is never something easy to process, it can be significantly more traumatizing when it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. Situations, where a person’s death was caused by the negligence, ignorance or recklessness of another, are extra complicated for families in Washington.

For one family in South Carolina, the pain of losing their loved one has been excruciating. The family claims the incident began when their loved one had received treatment at a local medical facility for a stroke. As part of treatment, it was determined that the man would be set up with oxygen in his home so he could have assistance breathing. The family claims that the apparatus that should have been carefully checked and monitored before the caretakers had left, was improperly connected. As a result, the man was not getting adequate oxygen and ultimately ended up suffocating which resulted in his death.

The lawsuit they have filed details on how the negligence of the company tasked with setting up the oxygen equipment resulted in the wrongful death of an innocent patient. It is currently unknown the amount that is being sought for damages and emotional distress.

If people have been injured or killed because of the negligence of another, a legal professional can act as an advocate in seeking justice on behalf of the injured. An attorney has the necessary knowledge and experience to create a case that is statistically and factually accurate.

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