The potential costs of your SCI

Jan 2, 2021 | Car Accidents

If you suffer from a motor vehicle accident in Washington, you may expect some pain and medical costs. But what sort of costs accrue from a spinal cord injury? Since medical science has no cure for these life-changing injuries yet, you will need to prepare for the widespread ramifications that come from partial or full paralysis. 

The result of your SCI varies depending on the severity of the injury — which in turn alters both the financial and noneconomic costs on your life. 

Financial costs

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center details the average yearly costs by the scope of your paralysis. These costs also change from your first year and subsequent years since the first year includes much of the surgery or physical therapy required to recover. Motor function loss at any level averages around $375,000 in the first year. Paraplegia, which refers to the partial or full paralysis of your lower half, averages over $550,000. Tetraplegia, or paralysis throughout the body, may run as high as $1.1M in the first year. 

Subsequent years cost less but still range from $45,000 to almost $200,000 on average depending on the severity. 

These estimates do not include other financial costs like wages and loss of productivity. 

Noneconomic costs

SCIs affect more than your bank account. They change your physical capability and your whole life as a result. This may affect your enjoyment of life or even your relationships as a loss of consortium. The cost of your mental anguish counts as damages as much as the monetary costs. Psychological experts may testify on your behalf to prove that your suffering is acute and deserves compensation.