What kind of distractions do truck drivers experience?

Sep 19, 2020 | Truck Accidents

When you are on the road, you need to avoid distractions so you can drive safely. There are several different distractions you might experience behind the wheel. 

One of the biggest distractions is technology. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, dispatching devices and GPS units pose distractions behind the wheel. You may need to use your dispatching device to keep in touch with your dispatcher and to keep your logs. However, these devices take your mind off the road if you send and check messages while driving. While using a GPS is safer than using a paper map, it can still distract you. You may take your eyes off the road if you need to reprogram a GPS. To avoid these distractions, you should usually pull over to use these devices. 

Exterior distractions

Sometimes objects outside the cab can take your mind off the road. You might read billboards or bumper stickers as you drive and this can cause you to miss potential hazards. Even admiring the view can be a distraction. You should usually scan the road ahead of you so you can see hazards on the road and maneuver around them. 

Food and drink

You may keep snacks in your cab so you can stay on the road longer. However, eating and drinking can distract you. Reaching for a drink or taking a cap off takes your eyes away from the road. Additionally, you may only have one hand on the wheel as you eat or rummage for a snack. To minimize these types of distractions, you should eat before you hit the road. If you get hungry or thirsty, you should pull over.