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Medical And Dental Malpractice In Washington

You went to the doctor or dentist because you had a problem that you wanted them to fix. You never expected to come out in a worse condition. At Greaney Scudder Law Firm, we help victims of medical and dental malpractice bring actions against doctors, hospitals, nurses, dentists, and other health care providers in the Puget Sound area and across Washington.

We are advocates for residents harmed by medical or dental negligence. Contact us for a free initial consultation with a dedicated dental and medical malpractice lawyer. Call toll free at 877-449-0506.

Medical Malpractice

We represent clients injured in all varieties of medical malpractice cases, including cases involving:

We also bring medical malpractice claims and/or abuse claims involving nursing home negligence and hospital/VA negligence. For example, our firm helped secure $700,000 in wrongful death and survival claims for the surviving spouse of a man who committed suicide while in an inpatient psychiatry ward. To read more about this case, please see our firm news page.

Dental Malpractice

More and more dentists are performing oral surgeries that should be performed by specialists. When a dentist fails to properly treat your condition or causes greater pain and injury, we can help you bring a dental malpractice claim. Our Washington dental malpractice attorneys represent clients in negligence cases that include:

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