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Woman's death the result of poor equipment design, family says

When people are required to work around or with individual pieces of machinery or equipment, they are often required to undergo training designed to educate them on how to safely and adequately do their job. Such protocols help guarantee the safety of all of the workers who need to use it. Unfortunately, there are times when despite the efforts of employers in Washington, malfunctions, carelessness and even design flaws can compromise the safety of workers. 

How unsafe buildings can lead to wrongful deaths

Washington state’s variety of office buildings, shopping malls and multi-story stores should be safe for visitors, workers and patrons. However, if the owners of these buildings do not properly maintain their respective buildings, the possibility for a serious injury increases. In fact, a person may even suffer a wrongful death due to negligence in building maintenance and upkeep.

Who is liable for fair ride accidents?

When the weather warms, counties across Washington start holding fairs. In the past, fairs were mainly agricultural, but these days, they are all about fun. You can still see animals, watch a rodeo and enjoy entertainment, but one of the biggest draws to any fair is the midway. Since these rides are constantly being moved around, they are often inspected by various individuals. National Law Review notes the state does have an agency that conducts inspections, but it is never guaranteed that the ride is completely safe and nothing was missed.

Wrongful death and vehicular homicide

When seeking justice for a loved one whose life was lost in a car crash, Washington residents often lose hope at one point or another in the legal process. This is especially true in criminal cases, during which the burden of proof lays heavily on the state prosecutor. Guilty verdicts in vehicular homicide cases, such as those in which a court finds that a death occurred while a driver was under the influence of alcohol, could carry severe, lifelong consequences for the defendants. 

How is the Washington wrongful death law lacking?

There is concern on some levels that the wrongful death law in Washington is not as good as it can be. Some say it is not inclusive and feel the law needs to change to protect all families who suffer the wrongful death of a loved one, according to the Seattle Times. The biggest concern is the law does not allow for parents to sue for the death of an adult child without children or a spouse.

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