Medication Errors

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Medication Errors By Doctors, Pharmacists And Other Medical Professionals

Often, patients need an exact amount of medication to treat their symptoms. If doctors give patients too much or too little, they risk their lives. Giving someone the wrong dosage is unacceptable. Even less acceptable is giving someone the wrong medication. Yet, doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other medical professionals continue to make these mistakes and preventable injuries continue to occur.

At Greaney Law Firm, PLLC, in Kent, Washington, we hold medical professionals responsible when their medication error results in an injury or death.

We bring compassion to our clients and an aggressive approach to those that caused their pain. Contact us at 877-449-0506 for a free initial consultation with a medication errors attorney.

Our skilled trial lawyers and staff handle medical malpractice cases involving:

  • Medication overdose or wrong dosage
  • Pharmacy malpractice, including giving a customer the wrong prescription or prescribing too much medication
  • Anesthesia overdose
  • Drug interactions or allergic reactions caused by medical negligence
  • Administering medication to the wrong patient

Compensation For Your Injuries ▪ Peace Of Mind For You

We take each medication error case we handle very seriously. Your case is about getting financial compensation for your injuries or the wrongful death of your loved one. It is also about getting answers, bringing justice to you and your family, and preventing future injuries.

We believe that in order to serve you well, we should know you. We never take so many cases that we lose sight of our clients. We will answer your questions and involve you in our case decisions. Even with this kind of personal attention and our extensive medical malpractice experience, we remain affordable. You will not pay us attorneys’ fees unless we get money from you.

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