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How can you help your teen become a safer driver?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Personal Injury

Your teenager may feel excited to get his or her driver’s license and become more independent. But as a parent, you have your concerns about allowing your teenager to drive, especially since the rates of teenage car accidents are so high.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2020, car accidents caused the deaths of 2,800 teenagers in the U.S. and 227,000 sustained injuries in collisions. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help your teen become a more aware, safer driver.

Set a good example

Your teenager likely watches you when you drive, whether you notice or not. For this reason, set a good example of safe driving practices. Always wear your seatbelt, do not use your cell phone when you drive and obey the rules of the road.

Provide opportunities to practice

Like with anything, the more your teenager drives, the better he or she will get at it. Provide your teenager with plenty of opportunities to practice driving. For example, drive with him or her in the rain, at night, on freeways and in multiple driving environments.

Enroll your teen in a course

A driver’s education course can help your teenager improve his or her driving skills and become a safer driver overall. Look for an available driving course through your child’s school or through community resources.

It is normal to have concerns about your teenager driving and his or her safety. Talk to your teenager about your expectations before he or she gets a driver’s license and establish rules surrounding his or her regular driving activities.