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Do trucks cause more accidents than passenger cars?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2023 | Truck Accidents

A massive tractor-trailer rolling by can be an intimidating sight for drivers in regular automobiles. While truck drivers are trained professionals, the possibility of an accident remains real.

The more motorists understand semis, the better they can prepare to share the road with them.

The incidence of truck accidents

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that crashes involving passenger cars result in 4.5 times as many accidents as those with large trucks. Light trucks follow close behind, with almost as many fatalities.

However, a fascinating fact is that though only 5% of all vehicles are large trucks, these machines account for 9% of fatal vehicle crashes. As one might expect, these proficient drivers experience fewer accidents, but when collisions occur, they are more dangerous.

Road safety around large trucks

Fatalities in large truck accidents tend to occur to people in the other vehicle. Driver error is a common cause, which could involve either motorist. Road travelers can remember these vital tips to minimize the chances of having an accident with a tractor-trailer:

  • Avoid blind spots. Large trucks have substantial blind spots. A good rule of thumb is if a person cannot see the driver in the mirror, the driver cannot see the fellow traveler.
  • Remain patient. Truck drivers have additional operating requirements. Other motorists must prepare for wider turns and more cautious maneuvers.
  • Keep a safe distance. Following too close or riding right beside a truck for long stretches can result in an underride accident. Cutting off a semi may not give the driver time to stop safely.

Despite a driver’s diligence, an accident with a truck can still occur. In such cases, an injured person may need to work out a settlement with the driver or the driver’s employer.