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What are the common causes of truck accidents?

Accidents involving large trucks are often some of the worst on Washington roadways. When sharing the road with trucks, you have to be aware of what may lead to accidents with them. There are some common causes that have been found through studies on what leads to truck accidents, according to the SIA Group. 

One of the top causes, which is something you want to be aware of, is when traffic flow is interrupted. This could mean sudden stops or something that causes traffic to slow down. It takes trucks much more time to slow down and stop than it does smaller vehicles. This presents a hazard when traffic suddenly changes speed. 

Fatigue is another cause. This is often due to truckers driving long hours and having to following demanding schedules. Despite the fact the government puts strict requirements on driving hours for truckers, they are still often pushing the limits of what they can physically do to meet employer demands. This means they are tired and worn out, which affects their ability to drive safely.

Finally, the main cause of truck accidents has been found to be brake issues. This is strictly an issue that must be addressed by truckers and their employers. There is nothing you can do on the road to combat a truck that has bad brakes. However, knowing about this, you can drive more carefully around trucks. 

In fact, driving more carefully around them is the best way to keep yourself safe. Stay out of their blind spots, do not follow too closely and avoid driving right in front of a truck if possible. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 


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