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How to deal with aggressive drivers

Aggressive driving is a growing threat to every motorist in the Kent area. According to The Washington Post, in 2015, 80 percent of American motorists drove aggressively. They honk, cut people off, yell obscenities and make rude and offensive gestures. Some aggressive motorists become so angry that they end up road raging and putting other drivers at risk of crashing. 

It is important for motorists not to confuse aggression with road rage. Road rage often occurs when a driver succumbs to the stress, anger and frustration they feel. Their behaviors are not necessarily because they are driving. They might be upset about something in their personal lives and ready to take their aggression out on other drivers. Aggressive driving is a factor in 56 percent of fatal motor vehicle collisions, states NBC News. 

Aggression is very common on the roadways. Here are some measures drivers can take when they encounter aggressive motorists. 

  • Stay calm. Driving requires patience, a clear and focused mind and safe driving behaviors. 
  • Do not engage the other motorist. Avoid eye contact, keep the windows rolled up and pay attention to the traffic conditions. 
  • Do not take it personally. Drivers should remember that they cannot control anyone but themselves. They are not responsible for the feelings or actions of others.
  • Drive safely. Be prepared to drive to a safe place, such as a police station or public place if the other driver approaches.
  • If the situation escalates and the other motorist becomes threatening, call 911. Inform law enforcement of the situation. Provide an accurate description of the other motorist’s vehicle, plate and your location. 

Though motor vehicle accidents are common, incidents involving aggressive drivers are preventable. Anyone who ends up in a car accident with an aggressive motorist might benefit from speaking with an attorney to protect their legal rights. They might also qualify to receive compensation for the enraged motorist’s recklessness and negligence.

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